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What is search34?

A search site specialising in finding the [NSFW] that you're looking for. Search34 is especially good at finding specific or niche material whether that is a particular celebrity you just thought was so hot in a movie or two AT-AT imperial walkers getting it on. We bring you the sort of targeted search capabilities you expect from a full search engine because we are powered by a real search engine but without all of that "relevant content" that gets in the way of what you really want, porn.

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Content Filters

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Left and Right handed keyboard controls, including making tab work right

A "boss key"

video search

some kind of error handling, (lulz QA)


Do you track users?

No, currently we track next to nothing actually. Some day we may track what is being searched and clicked but not who is doing so. We never ever want to know who you are, ever. It would seriously wig us out.

I am offended by this!


No, I am REALLY offended and plan to take legal action against you!

Please see our legal response page here.


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